Health Conscious Kids

Health Conscious Kids

PhotobucketThat little buffed guy pictured above is C.J. Senter, a 10-year-old boy who already has his workout video. He is now called C.J. The Workout Kid. But people are concerned why this boy is so buffed. They are wondering because he might be abused in the sense that he is made to do things that are not appropriate for his age.

But it seemed that C.J. had been exposed to exercising and keeping fit early. He was encouraged by his football coach when he was 5 years old to get some exercise. Since then, he has found a liking to working out and he has been exercising ever since to keep fit. He has his own routines and he does this three times a week. But he does not neglect his school work because he only works out after he is done with his homework. He lives in Locust Grove, Georgia.

While some people are concerned over C.J., I am not. I am not surprised either because Dindin had been health conscious when she was months old. We noticed that whenever people will tell her that she is gaining weight, she would then reduced her milk consumption. And it was really obvious. That is why she was never fat.

After eating or having her milk, she would get up, run around, or jump. She does not like candies and other sweet things but there was a time that she did eat about three nibbles of chocolates and after that, she spent about 15 minutes doing push ups, jumping jacks, and jogging in place. And she is not hyperactive to the point of moving senselessly. She is very intentional in her movements, moving so much that she could burn calories. I realized that she was really concerned about her figure when, after guzzling a bottle of milk, she noticed that her tummy was big. She pushed it backward and did not breathe for sometime so that her tummy will appear flat.

And whenever her Koko and A-ma would come inside our room, she would encourage them to work out. She would say, “Koko, jump. Koko, swim. Koko, twist.” And the like. She is also very persistent, egging them to work out if they refuse.

These are kids who are in contrast to the obese generation that they are in. Many children are living a sedentary, gadget filled lifestyle that they are prone to lifestyle diseases that mostly plague adults. These kids have already undergone tests like going through ekg machines because there are irregularities in their system brought about by their sedentary lifestyles. Tsk. tsk.

Well, what I can wish that, I can be like Dindin in her conscious attempt to maintain her figure,

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