Health Benefits of Rebounding

Health Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounding exercises

Dindin enjoys rebounding on a trampoline. We offer trampoline for rent services here in Bacolod City.

Bouncing on a trampoline is called rebounding. It is great exercise for people young and old because it is low-impact and fun, too.

Health Benefits of Rebounding

1. Reduces inflammation in the body
2. Increases energy levels
3. Improves brain function
4. Alleviates back pain and joint pain
5. Burns calories that could lead to weight loss

Rebounding is especially good fun with a lot of health benefits for young children who are already obese. A lot of kids today are very much into sedentary activities like playing video games or watching videos. But introducing them to rebounding or the use of the trampoline will encourage them to move their bodies and have fun. And if they have playmates around, it is going to be play date already.

Dindin really loves the trampoline. She played last time during a friend’s birthday party. Actually, we have a trampoline for rent and if you are living in Bacolod City or in neighboring cities of Talisay and Bago City, we can set up the trampoline for you. It only costs P2,000 for three hours. You can call us at 4349038 for trampoline Bacolod reservations.

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  1. The Pepperrific Life

    I wish I can get a trampoline big enough for me :). That would simply feel liberating, to jump high without a care in the world…

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