Heading To The Beach With A Fun Chair

One of the trips that many children get excited about is going to the beach. They can play in the ocean, build castles in the sand and swim in the pool at the hotel. You can give children a special gift to take with them, like a personalized kids beach chair. Since the chair is personalized with the name of the child or the initials, it makes it easier to keep up with while on the beach. If the chair is lost, then you can easily find it again because it would have a personalized look instead of being like the other chairs that are seen on the beach.

There are chairs that you can get with an umbrella attached that will help to block out the sun while the child is sitting on the beach. Most umbrellas can easily be removed when they aren’t needed, and the color of the umbrella will match the chair. Another idea for the personalized chair is to have a small armrest added to one side. The armrest can have a cup holder so that the child has a place to keep something to drink and eat while playing on the beach.

If you want to personalize the entire chair, then consider having the first name of the child or the initials of the child embroidered on the back of the chair or on the seat. The colors can be any that the child likes or those that will match the chair. You can also get images put on the chair that the child would like, such as a fish or a turtle to match the beach scene. There are chairs that have a compartment attached to the side that looks like a wall organizer but smaller. This would be an ideal space to hold a shovel or other items that the child would need while on the beach. Other personalized ideas include a chair with colors and designs of a favorite cartoon character or even a sports team if the child is old enough to be interested in sports, such as basketball or football.

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