Headbanger Baby and her Two Front Teeth

Headbanger Baby and her Two Front Teeth

This is our baby headbanger. hehe Just kidding. She just looks so adorable.

We have always included the words “praise” and “worship” as well as “singing” in our conversations with Dindin. Just casually, I may add. We would also play Kids’ Praise songs and other similar music to her, whether she is playing in the bedroom or when we are riding the car. In church or whenever we are preparing to go to church, we would also tell her that we will “worship the Lord” and then “praise the Lord” with “other people”. At an early age, she was exposed to the Christian church and its practices. Like, she would also raise her hands in praise and worship. So even if she doesn’t fully understand what is going on, she already has a glimpse of worship and she will catch up soon.

Anyway, I just find this funny video of Dindin head banging to a praise song. She also had a couple of hoop links hanging on both ears and she didn’t mind. These are actually her linking toys. She kinda liked it that they are there. hehe That’s our praising baby.

Here is a snap shot. 😀 She looks cute with her two front teeth now growing. hihi

Dindin and her two front teeth while wearing her imaginary hoop earrings.

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