Happy Mother’s Day 2013

Taken during Dindin’s 4th birthday.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day for this year, 2013. Now, Dindin is already 4 years old and we have another little girl coming soon. 😀

Though I may have complaints at times that my daughter is driving me crazy, I would not exchange the experiences and the joys that motherhood has given me. It is such a continuing learning experience. Just when you thought that you got it all right, then you will learn that she is into another phase and the struggle begins again. It is a cycle alright and I only rely upon God to get me through each day.

But thank God, I am learning to loosen up a bit and the tension between my daughter and I has eased up. We are actually closer than ever.

She just doesn’t want to be called a baby anymore. When I would ask her “Who is Mama’s baby?” She would say, “Siobe!”, referring to her younger sister who is still in my tummy. Awww… my baby is a little girl now. What she doesn’t know is that when she sleeps, I would look at her, hug her, kiss her, even her feet. And she still smells so nice and tender. My first born…

Oh well, everyday for all of us mommies is a mommy day. But at least for one day, I want to greet you all Happy Mother’s Day! 😀

Photo from the internet.

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