Happy Fathers Day Papa–A Tribute to Our Papa

Happy Fathers Day Papa–A Tribute to Our Papa

Father's Day tribute

A tribute to a wonderful father. 😀 We love you! 😀

I would like to make this post as a greeting for my hubby and Dindin’s Papa–Happy Father’s Day!

You may think that the photo above is just a silly picture. But I like what it represents. Just look at the face of Dindin. She looks happy and has that kinda contented look on her face that she has the same hair as her Papa. At that time, she referred to her Papa as the “visitor”, like the alien in her video, Wonder Pets.

And she must have been happy, too, that her Papa sat down beside her. You see, Dindin is on the potty here doing her thing and her Papa sat down to watch her. She likes it that way, like she has a sympathetic hand while going through with the call of nature. LOL

So I guess this pretty sums up fatherhood.

Being with you son/daughter even in their most yucky moments.
Being able to feel silly with them.
Being able to relate to them.
Being able to laugh at simple things.
Being able to do things together.
Being able to take care of them, to be there for them, and also have fun while doing these things.
And just being able to spend time with them.

I guess fatherhood is not just about providing for out children with finances and material things. For children, being a father is also spending quality time with them and building happy memories together.

Happy Father’s Day Papa! 😀

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