Grateful for a Full Day

Grateful for a Full Day

Dindin had a full day yesterday. It started with a birthday party in the afternoon at Jollibee, then we went home for a short rest (actually, so that Mama could cook for our dinner party) and then off we went for a dinner party with the Lo Family at Achiak Alvin’s house.

We went home around 10 pm, but after 30 minutes, we were told through text message that the gas prices will go up today by P2.50 (did it really? I never checked). Since our gas was already below half, we computed if we were actually going to save some money. After some computation, we learned that we would save around P62.50, give or take our gas consumption to the station of P10, then we would save P52.50. Well not bad, but not really worth it either, considering that the three of us had to leave very late at night just to get a full tank.

Actually, we never really did this before. I always thought that it is a waste going to the station if we are only going to save like 50 cents per liter because we will still have to spend for gas going there. And I did not want to stress myself over a few pesos because it is not worth the effort. I guess tonight we decided that P50 is worth the effort. haha

Oh well, Dennis said that if only the Palawan oil source was materialized, our gas would not be so expensive. And we would have an abundance of oil and gas jobs.

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    I totally agree with the gas issue. Our country is rich in natural resources but we can’t seem to fully utilize them.

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