Good Quality Cloth Diapers by Little Cutsie Baby

Good Quality Cloth Diapers by Little Cutsie Baby

Little Cutsie cloth diapers.

When my younger daughter Shane was born, I tried cloth diapering but it didn’t quite work well for her. We had several instances of leakage, maybe because she was so tiny and her legs were small. And add to the fact that I have to wash them while I was still struggling with building up my milk supply was not a very nice idea.

But eventually, we shifted to using cloth diapers on her, at least during the day while we are just at home. And I am so thankful that I did. Not only did we save money from constantly buying disposable diapers, my heart is at ease because her exposure to the chemical dioxin is drastically minimized.

Anyway, we just have eight sets of cloth diapers. Shane uses 4 to 5 sets daily, on the average. I wash them every night so that we have fluff to use the next day. I was fine with it until we won three sets of cloth diapers from Little Cutsie Baby. I was very happy because that means at least another one-day set for Shane’s use. And this will last her long, after all, cloth diapers can be used until kids are three to four years old, depending when they get toilet trained.

We won three sets of Little Cutsie Baby cloth diapers in an online giveaway by Twenteen Mom.

I thought I just got another set of regular cloth diapers, because I thought that all of them are the same. But when I unboxed the diapers, I was in for a surprise. They were not the same as the ones I have been using–all eight sets that we have come from four different companies. The fabric is sturdy and the lining is very neat–it doesn’t have those balls of fabric. When I felt the insert, it was much thicker, though it says that it only has three layers of microfiber insert. Over all, this is a very good quality cloth diaper. For Shane’s use, it lasted much longer than the regular cloth diapers we were using. Additionally, Shane didn’t reek of urine, maybe because the liquid was absorbed by the insert or maybe because it was a snug fit, or maybe because of the thin lining inside the diaper that is like plastic.

Although I didn’t need to, I felt that I needed to blog about this. Little Cutsie Baby cloth diapers are a little more expensive than the ones we usually find online or in bazaars. But I think it is worth it. And it costs much cheaper than its US-made counterparts.

Each Little Cutesie Baby cloth diaper comes in an individual box with care instructions and benefits of cloth diapering detailed at the back.

So the next time you need cloth diapers and your budget allows it, do try Little Cutsie cloth diapers. I think they are worth it.

Our Little Cutesie Baby cloth diapers in their plastic wrap.

These cloth diapers from Little Cutsie Baby are actually machine washable and dryable, though in my case, I just soak them for several hours or overnight. Then I would just rinse them and hang them to dry. You can choose from many cute colors and designs, like the three that I requested! One size fits all because they’re adjustable from small to large size. You can still use them as your baby grows. This will last Shane for a long time because she is a lean kid.

Little Cutesie Baby
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Shane, 14 months, and weighing about 8 kilos, wearing a couple of designs from the Little Cutesie Baby line.

Made of 100% polyester–it says on the label. And the seams are neatly sewn.

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