Going Shopping

Going Shopping

Yesterday was Midnight Sale at Gaisano City. We went there around 6:30m and waited for 8pm to pay for our purchases. You see, from 8pm onwards, the discount becomes bigger. For most regular items in the department store, the discount becomes 20%, whereas before 8pm, it is only 10%.

We were looking for gold shoes for Dindin, as she will wear it for her Khue Pe Oliver’s wedding. The designer recommended that she wear gold shoes, so gold shoes it is. We were looking around for more designs when I spotted Dindin also getting busy with her own shopping. And look at how many pairs she got already!

Eventually, after I have taken the basket away from her, she also busied herself going around and especially checking the mirrors. lol She is so observant. She checks the labels and considers the price (as if) before buying. Wala lang xa galing ga fit! hahaha

3 thoughts on “Going Shopping

  1. pepay

    nalingaw ko kay din2 nang…na lingaw gid siya sg mirror… hehe…. saja gd ya sa iya… tapos daw sa piyu mag bit2 basket kag butang2 stuff…haha… daw may pang bayad gid…haha… kabalo na gid…hihi..

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