Going on a Safari Coffeetable Book

Going on a Safari Coffeetable Book

Dindin has this photography coffeetable book, “We’re Goin’ on Safari.” Two nights ago, I took it out as well as her toy camera that was given to her by Tita May Castro.

I held the book in front of Dindin and pointed at the title, reading it word for word. I said, “We’re…goin’…on…Safari.”

Dindin must have thought that I was talking in Ilonggo so she took the liberty of translating it for me…”We’re goin’ TO Fari.” hahahah Sometimes it amazes me how this little girl thinks.


One time, I heard Papa and Dindin talking. Dindin was telling Papa something and Dennis replied, “K. K.” or short for “Okay, okay.” To which Dindin replied, “L. L.” hahahaha


By this time, Dindin’s vocabulary has become more extensive. Thanks to her love for books and her appetite for learning new things.

4 thoughts on “Going on a Safari Coffeetable Book

  1. The Pepperrific Life

    Dindin’s really smart. It’s good that she has shown a tremendous love for books at a young age. A love for reading will take her places. Maybe she takes after her mom? hehe

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