Giving Flowers to Our Daughters on Valentines Day

Daisies for this year.

Since our second daughter came last year, we started a little Valentine’s Day tradition in the family–that is the giving of flowers to our daughters. Papa hands them their flowers , they get kissed, and they have a little picture taking.

Last year, Shane was only six months old, but of course, she still grasped the toy flower that Papa handed her. This year, she is already 1 year and 6 months and so she already knows how to appreciate things. She was so happy to receive her bunch of flowers, holding them and walking around the room while chanting, “Flowers, flowers, flowers.” She’s so cute. Dindin, naturally, is thrilled. She loves flowers, that’s why she expects them during her recitals.

I am not really a flower kind of girl. Being a practical person, I have always told hubby not to give me flowers on special occasions. He did that only one time, during our first Valentine as a couple about 14 years ago. And it was so expensive that I cringed on the price (yeah, I had to find out). So since then, no more flowers. I would rather spend on food. haha But I would like to do this to our daughters.

Anyway, there are several objectives to flower-giving gesture.

1. We want them to know that they are special and they are loved. In this world, we put so much premium on flowers. So we think that it is one way of telling them that–partly speaking in the language of this world so that the world will not get to them first.

2. We want them to receive their first flowers from Papa–the first man in their life.

3. We want to show them how they should be treated by the future men in their lives. We are indirectly teaching them to expect nothing less than value, love, and respect in their future relationships.

4. We think that if Papa keeps on doing this, they will not easily be swayed or enticed by the first boy who offers them flowers that usually happens during pubescence when hormones are raging. They are already used to it, so there is no longer youthful novelty to it, unless of course, the gesture is done when they are already mature enough to understand the meaning (read: serious relationship).

5. And lastly, we are hoping that they will no longer feel the need to catch up with people in this crazy world of social media influence during this age when your newsfeed crawls with ladies young and old posing with flowers.

The flowers need not be expensive. Last year, it was just toy flowers. This year, Papa bought a dozen of these daisies that cost only P40 a bunch and divided it amongst the three of us. Then he just tied them together with red ribbons. Just a little creativity and he already touched the hearts of his girls. So don’t worry about the expense, ok?

This is a deliberate effort on our part to keep doing this. This is not a fad, not a passing thing, but an investment in the morale of our daughters.

But eventually, in the future, Papa might have to take them out on dates. That, and the flowers, too, to show them how ladies should be treated.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Last year, it was toy flowers.

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