Giving a Gift Card

Giving a Gift Card

Being social beings, people love to hold parties. But sometimes we get invited to events where the host is not so close to us that we sometimes wonder what to give them. They either have so many things already or we don’t know what they already have that we end up getting confused before the party.

When this happens, it is best to give them gift cards to an establishment. That way, they can go to the store and pick out something that they want. If the value of the gift card is less than what they want to buy, then they can always consider it like a discount.

For example, if they want to buy an item worth P1,000 and you gave them a gift card worth P500, then at least, they can already make the purchase and pay half the price. And if others will also give them similar gifts, then they can pool the values of the cards and buy the things that they want.

In order to make the gift more presentable, insert the cards in decorative gift card sleeves. You may also want to buy a separate greeting card and insert the cash card inside. That way, the gift is personalized and more attractive.

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