Give World of Fun Gift Certificates for Christmas

Give World of Fun Gift Certificates for Christmas

WOF Gift Certificates

World of Fun Gift Certificates would be great gifts to kids this Christmas.

Thanks to Miss Elaine of World of Fun, Dindin has P1000 of World of Fun Gift Certificates. We used up P300 that day and thanks to the exciting games, we hit the jackpot twice! Yahoo! The other certificates will be used next visit so that we will have more fun!

By the way, if you are going to a birthday party and you know that the celebrator likes playing arcade games, do consider giving World of Fun Gift Certificates as gifts. They come in P50-denominations so you have better control on how much you are willing to spend for a gift. Or you can pair the certificates with a toy, whichever you prefer.


Winning the jackpot in one of the arcade games and posing like a boss while waiting for her tickets. LOL

This Christmas, World of Fun Gift Certificates would also be great gifts to your inaanaks. It sure beats going around the mall looking for the perfect toy or piece of clothing. It saves you time as well as gift wrappers and your inaanak would surely appreciate the gift. They would surely be excited to go to the WOF branch nearest them and play to their hearts’ content. And the best thing is, more than just an opportunity to play, it can also be a great time for family bonding because of the wholesome games offered at World of Fun!

basketball game

Shooting baskets in a mini basketball game.

dance revo

Dindin has always been fascinated with the Dance Revo machine. Though she still could not understand it, she just jumps and stomps on the feet pads and has a great time!

12 thoughts on “Give World of Fun Gift Certificates for Christmas

  1. Pepper Tan

    That’s a great idea for a gift. It’ll spare me a lot of walking around the malls. My daughter loves going to arcades, so I think she’ll love that too.

    Congrats to Dindin. Looks like she really had so much fun πŸ™‚

  2. che

    Wow! This sure is a perfect gift for the kids this Christmas and all year round! I bet they’ll have happy memories in these all occasions. It really shows princess Dindin had a great time!

  3. Arlene

    Dance Revo also fascinates me because it is a good means to jump up and down and sweat out. That’s the kiddie in me maybe.

    I think this place is great for kiddos that is why I missed having small kids at times. ^^

  4. Glady

    Good idea mommy! My inaanaks would be very happy to receive the World of Fun gift certificates.

  5. Ellen

    Yay! That’s a nice gift. I should get a few for my inaanaks and for my kids as well. I want to see how Yana will allocate a 300-worth GC come this Christmas. haha

  6. Dhadha

    Thanks for the wonderful idea! Good thing WOF offers gift certificates. No need to think hard kung ano ang pwedeng iregalo (clothes, toys, etc), eto na lng! Tamang-tama, Christmas is fast approaching. Bagay na bagay sa mga inaanak kong bata. Haha! πŸ˜€

    Btw, bongga ng posing ni Budindin ah. Such a cutie! πŸ™‚

    1. Loving Mama Post author

      Oh yeah…so nice a gift. πŸ˜€ I dunno where she gets her poses!

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