Getting More Observant

Getting More Observant

Dindin is really getting more observant. And even during those times that she seems to be buried in her far away world, she is actually observing things, listening to conversations, and yes, even the TV commercials. You would sometimes be surprised at the things she is saying and you would wonder where she got it.

As parents, we can only pray that God guide us and lead us. Since we are not perfect, we will almost likely slip and set bad examples and influences to our children.

But nevertheless, we should really try to protect our children by being careful with our words and actions.

2 thoughts on “Getting More Observant

  1. The Pepperrific Life

    While it is definitely amusing to see our kids get smart with witticisms, yes, we as parents must never let down our guard when it comes to exposing them to various forms of media. There’s just so much negative influence out there, that in the blink of an eye, our kids turn from angels to devils.

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