Getting Emotional Over Dindin

Getting Emotional Over Dindin

It’s late now. Dindin is already asleep. While I was looking at her, I became emotional. She is just so beautiful while sleeping peacefully. I can only say that she is God-sent.

But I also realize that she will not be a baby for long. She is 4 months and 1 week old now. It seemed like yesterday when I had early contractions and bouts with false labor… the long hours in the labor room… the excruciating induced pain… the Caesarian delivery… and the long and painful recovery…

Everything came to pass. Although I remember the experience, I have forgotten the pain. I may be squeamish about the thought of getting my tummy sliced open again for a second baby, but honestly, I can no longer remember the pain. I knew it was excruciating enough for me to lose consciousness for God knows how many times throughout the different phases of delivery. Nevertheless, God has seen me throughout those times.

Looking back, life has indeed moved on for me. We are well enjoying our darling little bundle. Yet somehow, as a mother, there is an ache in the corner of my heart that encourages tears to flow, because of the thought that my Dindin will not be forever my baby.

I know that God’s mysterious ways has allowed us to bear children and enable us to take part in His Greater Ministry as disciplers of our children, and that one day, we will no longer be parents and children but brothers and sisters in the Lord, however, I still cannot help but think that Dindin is my baby… I know that before she became my adorable daughter, she was first God’s child.

And it will not be long before my baby will grow up–as a toddler, as a young girl, as a teenager, then a young lady. She may also choose to marry and have a family of her own. She will need me less and less and she will become more independent each day.

Nevertheless, I am still her mother. And that remains.

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