Getting Driving Lessons…Again

Getting Driving Lessons…Again

A couple of years back, I went to a local driving institute because we just got a car and would like to learn to drive. Well, the instructor was a pretty good teacher but what I don’t like is that he was checking his cellphone even when lessons are going on. And the worst thing is, he had bad breath.

Other than that, he was a patient teacher and taught me well. However, just when I was about to get my driver’s license, I learned I was pregnant with Dindin and I was told to stop driving. This was mainly because I am still a relatively new driver and if I would get nervous on the road, that could mean a miscarriage. And we don’t want that because it took quite some time for me to get pregnant so we had all the safety precautions ready so that I will not get a miscarriage.

And well, we are thankful because of what Dindin is now. She is such a beautiful child and a blessing to us. She has brought us so much joy.

But I am wondering what happened if I did not stop driving. I mean, I could go places now without having to ask my husband to drive me. Sometimes I think that I am too dependent on him to do things. It would be nice if I knew how to drive, I would just get a car seat, strap Dindin in and we could already go places.

Next time, I will have to hire another trainer to teach me to drive. It would be good to hire someone from Bath Driving Instructors because of the great value service that they offer. And I hear that all their students passed their exams and got their license. Wow I need that! And I need a teacher who doesn’t scream at me because I can get pretty hysterical behind the wheel. I need confidence and I know that a teacher from Bath Driving Instructors could help me do that.

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