Getting Carried Away with a Rexona Commercial

Getting Carried Away with a Rexona Commercial

Whenever we have our meal, we are all facing in one direction–the TV. Yep, it is always on during mealtimes because it is the only time that my parents-in-law get to watch TV uninterrupted.

Anyway, we were having dinner last night and watching “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin” when the Rexona commercial was aired. At the corner of our eyes, Papa and Mama caught a glimpse of Dindin seated in the middle of us, with one arm raised and one hand simulating like she was applying roll on. We were caught by surprise and so we laughed and that instant, Dindin also realized what she was doing. So she immediately put her arm down and started singing, “Up and down, up and down” while raising and lowering her arms. hahaha Pasakay! She was embarassed that she was caught on the act of applying deodorant roll on and so she just pretended that she was playing! LOL Cool girl! That’s the spirit!

By the way, I am joining Shengkay’s orange party, so I am entering this swimming photo of Dindin with a couple of her orange balls. We are not sure what Dindin’s favorite color is. Most of her stuff is pink, but she looks very nice in blue, but whenever she would get a ball or any other toy, she prefers orange. Is orange her favorite color? Well, that is something that we will find out in the future. 😀

19 thoughts on “Getting Carried Away with a Rexona Commercial

  1. Dennis

    nag “AY!” pa sya when she realized we caught her act quickly dropping her arms and then went…”up and down…up and down”…. hahaha

  2. May

    Funny Dindin! Just recently, Sophia was dancing to the Whisper commercial… and mimicking the use of it with tissue. LOL gosh.

    Maybe orange is Dindin’s fave? Sophia’s is yellow. It’s always the color she goes for as far as I can remember.

  3. joy mendiola

    hi! visiting form Shengkay’s Orange Tuesday…

  4. Shengkay

    naks! palusot si dindin? baby!

    thanks for playing mommy lo..

  5. The Pepperrific Life

    Dindin’s so funny! Just wait til she grows older. hehe

  6. Ate Keanna

    Visiting in behalf of my Mommy po. Cute naman ni Dindin. Here’s mommy’s entry. See you!

  7. Rey Agudana

    Ay sos … starting pa lang na of bulatik, pawala, pasakay, pa-abo-abo and d like …
    Teach her well, Sigs and Denz !!!!! later on , introduce her to TAWAS …


  8. jannet

    forgot to leave my link..hihihi
    Please see my entry forOrange Tuesday! thanks!

  9. Mona

    Hahah … my daughter then eh sometimes when in the mood imitating commercials din .. Paswimming naman Dindin heheh .. visiting you via Orange Tuesday!

  10. tejan

    makain kain ang orange balls mo dindin..hehe, thanks for dropping my entry sissy!

  11. Olga

    So cute! My little ones also never run out of antics. I think your Dindin and my Jade are of the same age – the age of bewilderment for us moms! LOL.

    Do drop by my site and see our orange jellies. Thanks!

  12. chubskulit

    Too cute.

    Late bloghopping for Tuesday Orange, come see mine when you have time.

  13. edsie

    Cutie!! Gusto ko rin ng orange balls! Hehe!!

    Happy Orangeeyy Tuesday!!
    Orange Tuesday: Friends

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