Funny Girl

Funny Girl

Dindin can be a funny girl sometimes. Here are some of her stories:

Pizza Ingredients
I have already published it, but would like to write it down again:
Papa Dennis: What do we need to make pizza? Pepperoni…Mushrooms…
Dindin: Spiders…
Papa:…we don’t put spiders on pizza…
Mama: Waaaaaaaaaa


Potty Signal
We were on our way out yesterday afternoon when, upon reaching the stairs, Dindin suddenly said in the way we do when we urge her to poopoo:

Dindin: U-u…U-u…
Mama: Hala, ma-uu ka? Nugay ka da ha, wala ko di bala dala wipes. (What? You’re gonna poopoo. Oh please don’t do that, I didn’t bring wipes.) –> It is not that I am not prepared, but Dindin had pooped twice yesterday so there is really no need.
Dindin: hehehe

She was actually kidding!


Who is Sleeping?

Last night, Papa Dennis was lulling Dindin to sleep. She was lying face down on his chest, when she suddenly sat up and said:

Dindin: The airplane is flying…the airplane is flying.
Papa: Dindin is sleeping…
Dindin: Ha?

hahahaha She must have wondered why her Papa was making a false declarative statement because she was still awake! hahaha


Fish Talk

This afternoon, Dindin had just finished her bottle of milk when she suddenly sat up and blurted:

Dindin: More hi5.

She said that with her lips being puckered and the milk in her mouth spraying everywhere. She must have thought this was kind of interesting so she continued muttering:

Dindin: More hi5. More hi5. More hi5….hehehe (pause) More hi5. More hi5. More hi5….hehehe (pause) More hi5. More hi5. More hi5….hehehe (pause) More hi5. More hi5. More hi5….hehehe

I thought it was cute the way she puckered her lips like a fish, so when she stopped, I asked her to continue:

Mama: Din, say again, “More hi5.”
Dindin: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

Hay, langu-langu (joker)! 😀

2 thoughts on “Funny Girl

  1. maitimnabudhi

    ohh .i wanna have my dindin. .. its nice living with people that makes us happy 🙂

  2. pepay

    hahaha! may sense of humor gid ya si badin… not that she knows it… it’s so natural for her… hehehe… lingaw gid ya cya nang… ma schedule ta skype nang ha… basi subong mas ma sturya na cya sakun… hehehe… 😀

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