Funny Blue Bunny Dances to Stupid Cupid

Funny Blue Bunny Dances to Stupid Cupid

This funny bunny was a belated birthday gift from Achiak Mike and Achim Mia. We knew that this fluffy cute bunny could do tricks because it had a device inside its body. But we did not know how to use it until we had to ask the giver how to operate it. Then we knew that we only had to press the left hand and the bunny will dance!

Oh how Dindin loved it! You can just see her giggles. She absolutely adores this! She has many laugh times with the silly bunny but this was taken during the first time we played with it.

Silly Naptime Song

Dindin likes to sing the song “Girl, You’re Amazing” by Bruno Mars. This afternoon, while putting her to sleep, I kinda tweaked the song to make it sound like a lullaby. So Dindin followed my lead and made her own version, as follows:

And when you sleep,
the whole world stops and sleeps for awhile.
Coz girl you’re amay-sleep,
Just the way you sleep…

Waaaaa…Making her own songs, too? weeeee

Matteo Guidicelli Poster

Last night, we were at Gaisano City waiting for Papa when Dindin saw a large poster of the half-naked young actor Matteo Guidicelli. Judging by his name, he must be half Italian. I am not very familiar with this boy except that he had a stint in the ABS-CBN soap, Agua Bendita.

Anyway, I caught Dindin squatting a couple of meters from his poster but I never thought that she was looking at the pic. After some time, I carried her and brought her to another aisle. But she asked me to bring her back. When we got to the previous aisle, she pointed to the poster, smiled at it, and kinda had flirting eyes towards it. When she realized what she was doing, she bowed down shyly and asked to be brought to her Papa instead. Waaaaa She has a crush on him?

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  1. pepay

    saja sg mga toys ni din2 a…hihi… hands down ko gypun sa matteo story…haha..

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