Funky Dindin

Funky Dindin

I guess we have been watching too much Hi5 that Dindin’s outfits are influenced by their really colorful and funky costumes. Anyway, the blouse and hat are from Meimei. With this outfit, Dindin picked out the hat and the bracelets that she wore. She was the one who chose them. 😀

funky dindin

We went to church this afternoon. During the service, Dindin went round and round the auditorium. She played with friends Gianna and Eon. And then eventually when the service ended, with Kairo. But I was not able to take a photo of them all together. hihi

dindin with friends

Then we went outside as we waited for her Nanay and Tatay to come with us. Dindin noticed that the path walk going to the auditorium was actually small and big concrete circles. She loved them! First she walked, then she skipped. hihi Then Tita Apple joined her.

dindin on circles

Oh well, just enjoy her video. hihi I never knew that there were people behind me watching her. When I mentioned it, Dindin waved at them. lol

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