Fun Times are Golden Times

I just think that our family moments of fun are golden times. These are golden opportunities to bond together with my hubby as well as to bond with our little one. It has never been a waste of time to take care of them because it fosters love and affection between the three of us.

It is no wonder that Dindin likes to stay in the bedroom with me while I work instead of going out and playing. I would ask her to go downstairs and play in the store but she would refuse. I dunno, she is so used to just having my husband and I around.

But she is not anti-social, she just might be a homebody like me. hehe I see a lot of myself in her although I do see an interesting fusion of different personalities and characteristics in her from different family members.

I love spending time with my kiddo. These are golden opportunities for me and so much better than having to Sell Gold jewelry and other semi-precious stuff.

I love you, Dindin. God bless you always, baby! 😀

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