Fun Time at the Park

Fun Time at the Park


Dindin’s shrieks and laughter just fills my heart.

One night a couple of weeks ago, I felt cooped up at home that I just dropped everything that I did and asked my hubby if we could go to the Capitol Lagoon here in Bacolod City. Many people would go there at night to stroll, to take brisk walks, or just to talk. They even feed the fish that are kinda resident pets of the lagoon.

This place is just about two blocks away from our house but we seldom come here because we are also busy. I just hope that we can go more often this summer so that at least, we can have a change of scenery.

Dindin had one thing in mind–to dance ballet. And so she did. Then we walked one time around the lagoon before we finally settled on a bench. But Dindin did not want that. She wanted to fly. And so she did again, courtesy of her Papa. He need not have personal trainer certifications in order to carry Dindin and make her happy.

Ahhh…these are precious moments that I would like to do more often. 😀

3 thoughts on “Fun Time at the Park

  1. chrisair

    simple pleasures just by bonding with the family will make all stress go away

  2. c5 @

    time with the kids while they are young is very important…they’ll never be that young again. once they reach 18, they’re good as gone. bonus nalang yung makabalik-balik pa sila.

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