Fun and Learning Summer Activities for Dindin

Fun and Learning Summer Activities for Dindin

During this hodge podge of an art workshop, we learned that Dindin has great potential in painting. πŸ˜€ We just might let her keep on studying after this. πŸ˜€

Summer vacation is halfway through. For those studying in the public schools here in the Philippines, it is only about two whole weeks left before classes start in June 2, 2014.

For us, this means two more weeks of activities for Dindin.

Last year, her only activity was her summer ballet class, which culminated in a ballet recital. This year, we skipped ballet so that she can try other things. After all, she studied ballet for the entire school year of 2013. So when the summer kicked off, she started with her one-month, 12-session swimming lessons at WeSwim here in Bacolod City. Actually, we missed four sessions so we will make up for these next week. Her swimming lessons were reinforced with countless swimming outings with the family.

Dindin has four more sessions to go. But she has definitely improved in the water. πŸ˜€ She needs more courage to jump into the water though. hehe

When May came, it was a two-week art workshop. It ended with a mini art exhibit at SM City Bacolod. Tomorrow, we will start with another week of modeling workshop. And for the last week of May, it will be DVBS in our local church.

Whew! Sounds exhausting, right? Well, not really for Dindin but for us! Her Papa and I take turns bringing her to her classes. When it is my turn, we have to bring Shane with us, too, as you know, we don’t have a baby sitter and I still breastfeed her. But the little one is loving it, too. The fact that she goes out of the house every day, she is thrilled!

We are just thinking though that summer is only passing and we are making the most out of it. We are homeschooling Dindin this coming school year and we have not yet enrolled her because we are too busy with extra curricular activities. But well, at least we are not bound to start by June if we can’t do it.

We are letting Dindin experience and learn different things so that she will find her niche someday. Whatever we can afford, we will allow her to undergo these special activities meant to give her wholesome fun as well as let teach her life skills that she may need some day. Then it will be her responsibility to choose the path that she will take. But at least, she is armed with ample training early in life. πŸ˜€

Next year, I am thinking that she should not miss being a kiddie crew at local fast food chains. πŸ˜€

So what did your kids do this summer? πŸ˜€

19 thoughts on “Fun and Learning Summer Activities for Dindin

  1. Princess Buenviaje

    As a mother i envourage mh kids to join the summer activities while enjoying and meeting new friends.

  2. sherry ann gole cruz

    my kids was involve in church activities,yearly they have summer activities for kids ages 2- 14 years old

  3. Ellen May

    I can’t wait for my little one to grow up, haha! I know she’s gonna enjoy these activities, too, and I’m just so…excited! πŸ™‚

  4. Rachel Anne Del Rosario

    I would love to try it for my son next year so that his summer will not be boring we skipped summer class this year as i am nearly due before to my 2nd child it was so tiring for me to accompany my son in his activities.

  5. Joel Cunanan

    every summer i encourage my kids to attend a summer class that they want,.

  6. lovely joy merced

    Wow Dindin is so lucky to have you as her parents, and you guys are so blessed to have her <3. Im also planning to enter my kids to a kiddie crew workshop next year.

  7. Maria May Ochea

    My son is just 3 years & encourage him to paint. He loves color & arts as well.

  8. raquel solis

    i think my son is totally agree if he’s going to swimming lesson he love to swim!

  9. Emilie P. Udasco

    I love summer and I’m enjoying it a lot not in beaches, but in attending summer classes with your kids where they can learn a lot from it. Well, that’s our usual things we’re doing every summer, attending free or not free summer classes with my kiddos… πŸ™‚

  10. jared's mum

    summer can really be quite tricky + challenging for mums. good thing you found lots of enjoyable + educational activities for Ate Dindin so she will never be bored during her school holiday! πŸ™‚

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