Frigidaire PureSource Water Filter for the Family

Frigidaire PureSource Water Filter for the Family

G.P. — An essential element of a water supply system in a refrigerator is the water filter. The water filter will rid the water of impurities, odors and taste altering substances like lead, chlorine, alachlor and mercury.

Order a Frigidaire PureSource water filter at to get a filter that will take care of all the above issues plus deliver great tasting, odorless water and ice cubes.

NSF International is a public health and safety organization. Each PureSource water filter will reduce Class III particulates by more than 98% and chlorine by more than 96%. The PureSourcePlus water filter extends protection with Class I particulates being reduced by 99.8% and chlorine by 97.8%. For customer reference, Class I particulates are 0.5 to less than 1 micron in size and Class III particulates are 1 micron to less than 5 microns in size. With those types of numbers it is little wonder when NSF International tested the PureSource water filters they were certified per NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

When you purchase Frigidaire refrigerator water filters you are getting more than distinctly good tasting water- you are also getting a tested and certified water quality system. Knowing your water tastes this good and is this free from contaminates are two great reasons to stop spending extra money on bottled water and start filling your water bottle from home.

Frigidaire has PureSource, PureSourcePlus, PureSource 2, PureSource 3 and PureSource Ultra at its along with a subscription service to ensure you will have a fresh filter at your every six months. They also carry O-rings and wrenches to make changing your filter easy. Customer service is ready to assist and answer questions at 1-800-599-7569.

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