Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Whenever Dindin has a cough, we would take her where she could get a whiff of sea air. Sometimes it is the beach but most of the time, we just go to a certain portion at the Reclamation Area because it is much nearer our house. We are trying to conserve gas, you know. hehe

But we don’t just go there whenever Dindin is sick. We also go there to play. One time we brought a kite with us and Dennis attempted to fly it. But since the wind wasn’t so strong that day, we were not able to let it soar for long. We would bring a ball and play with it or we would just simply walk around. Playing a Bola there is still by far the most enjoyable thing to do.

We take Dindin to where there is sea breeze because it is like nature’s way of creating a nebulizing effect on NSS. It really loosens phlegm and Dindin recovers much faster. It is all natural and almost free. I say almost because we pay a toll fee at the gate. hehe

By the way, just a conversation that we had today:

Mama: Ba-bath na Din.

Dindin: Take a bath?

Gee, Dindin is better than Mama. Mama utters baby talk!

Another conversation:

Papa Dennis: What do we need to make pizza? Pepperoni…Mushrooms…
Dindin: Spiders…
Papa:…we don’t put spiders on pizza…
Mama: Waaaaaaaaaa

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