Freezing Ovaries to Delay Motherhood

Freezing Ovaries to Delay Motherhood


Female ovaries

Those who are not yet ready to change diapers or push strollers now have a chance to delay their motherhood without fearing that their biological clock is ticking.

There is this new medical technology now in the United Kingdom called ovarian tissue banking that will enable to make women fertile even at a later age. It was explained in a report that I read that strips from a healthy ovary are surgically removed, frozen, and then surgically re-implanted again when the woman is ready to get pregnant.

According to the Daily Mail, Britain fertility specialists are already planning to open the first clinic that can offer this new procedure. It will cost as much as £16,000 to have the ovarian banking. The procedure for delayed fertility is already available in Denmark and Belgium in Europe and in the United States. By far, 19 babies have already been produced because of this procedure.

But experts claim the controversial treatment will soon become commonplace as it has been shown to be more effective than egg freezing and even IVF. It involves extracting about a third of the tissue of one of the two ovaries which usually contains around 60,000 eggs.

You may ask, why do this? Take for example the case of Stinne Holm Bergholdt. She is a physician who was diagnosed with cancer at age 27. Before she underwent chemotherapy treatment, her doctors removed part of her ovaries and had them banked. More than a year after her treatment, the tissues were implanted and now she has three kids.

Would you do the ovarian tissue banking procedure if you were given the chance?

10 thoughts on “Freezing Ovaries to Delay Motherhood

  1. Sarah

    i am not so ready to grasp this new science to delay motherhood but i see it in a very positive way of helping those mothers na easily mabuntis! Well, if this is some kind of affordable later then who knows it’s a good way to control population growth than ligation in which mothers never had a chance to have back the essence of being a mother.:)

  2. Sammy

    This is new! Wow. I wonder when this science will be available to us here in the Philippines. And I must assume it will cost a fortune should it become available.

  3. chrisair

    wow, this is quite interesting, but still I prefer magpigil kesa dumaan sa prosesong ganito

  4. Lizzie

    Nice. Another product of technology that can greatly help in family planning.

  5. jem alvarado

    It is really advance in medical technology nowadays but I think sometimes I don’t like the process or effects because it alters something natural from us.

    1. mama Post author

      i think so too. and if it is major surgery then you will have to undergo general anesthesia before you even get to have a CS.

  6. wrinkle injections

    You would have a harder and more difficult time of getting pregnant should you decide to delay pregnancy. The longer you wait TTC, the older and badder quality your eggs get.

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