Free Toys

Free Toys

PhotobucketWe have used so many products since Dindin was born and in some of them, we got some really nice freebies. Last time, we had cute stuffed animal balls from Huggies. And above, you can see that we got those hand puppets from a brand of baby wipes.

Honestly, I forgot the name of the wipes because I stopped buying it after the promo ended. You see, we consume about a pack of wipes each month. So whether our pack is already gone or not, I buy a pack and just store it. I think this promo ran for the longest time because I was able to collect four designs! But this is a little more expensive than our usual brand so I stopped buying it after the promo. But while it had a toy freebie, what the heck, a few more pesos extra got us these nice puppets.

But actually, these are not really puppets but body sponges for the baby. They made it nice and colorful so that baby will have a fun time at the bath. We thought that they were too cute, though, so instead of using them for the bath, we decided to use them as hand puppets. And Dindin loves them. Below she is playing with the Duck and Frog puppets. And then she would let us don the rest. LOL
PhotobucketI wonder if there will be a toddler company that will sponsor a promo and give out a free kinect xbox? LOL I would really buy them even if that would set me back a couple of thousand pesos! LOL

2 thoughts on “Free Toys

  1. Pilgrim

    puppets are lots of fun to watch and fun to stimulate imagination… it would be nice if she can be a good puppeteer…just for fun!

  2. Pepay

    May ara d promo last time nang…if u subscribe to the cable provider may free kinect..hehehe..

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