Free Stuff from Pediasure

Free Stuff from Pediasure

Pediasure free stuff

Thanks to Pediasure, we got these stuff for free from Toys R Us.

Thanks to Dindin’s milk, Pediasure by Abbott, we were able to buy two new activity books and these two sets of carpentry toys!

You see, last month, there was a promo that every time you buy a 1.7-kg can of Pediasure, you get P200 worth of gift certificates from Robinsons. We bought a couple of cans and got P400 in all. That’s a big discount and enabled us to buy these stuff that Dindin loved.

So I say, thanks Pediasure for Dindin’s free books and toys!

2 thoughts on “Free Stuff from Pediasure

  1. pynky

    wow..great savings for mommy n daddy & sure great knowledge n fun for Dindin.. 😀

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