Free Diaper!

Free Diaper!

I was really surprised the other day when my husband got inside our room. He had with him an LBC plastic envelope, which he handed to me. But I was not able to get it immediately because I was carrying Dindin.

So I asked him if it was for me. He said yes and I was surprised because I was not expecting anything in the mail, except a Mother’s Day card from PMC. So I laid Dindin down on the bed and excitedly opened the package. It was a pack diapers from Drypers! Yippee!

Drypers WeeWee Dry

I do remember signing up for a free sample last time (but I think that was a long time ago already because I completely forgot about it. It is their new Drypers WeeWeeDry Diaper that they are promoting and I am so happy to be able to try it on Dindin. It is a pack of 10 pcs of XL diapers. Lovely! That is some savings for this Mama. 😀 hehe

Next time, do you suppose I would also get an htc desire hd in the mail? hehe

By the way, Mother’s Day is fast approaching. What are you guys planning to give your mothers? I already bought a Mother’s Day Card for my mother and we will be going out on a picnic this coming Saturday. I may also order flowers online for her. I saw some interesting edible arrangements last time. At least she has a bouquet that she could also eat. That would be a practical Mother’s Day gift idea, right?

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