Four Gorgeous Blooms for a Beautiful Wedding Day

Don’t scrimp on your wedding flower arrangements. They make your wedding look pretty, especially in pictures.

When you are planning your wedding, your mind is buzzing with details. Did you get the right caterer, did you find the right venue? Does everyone have a place to stay, and can you get the right person to deliver the service? There is so much going on that you may find that the flowers have fallen to the bottom of your to-do list! However, as you start selecting beautiful wedding flowers from Sydney, you will find that there are a lot of options open to you. Choose the flowers that will make you smile whenever you look back on your wedding in the future.

The bridal bouquet is arguably the centerpiece of a wedding. It is held by the bride all throughout the party.

1. A gorgeous bride’s bouquet.
The bride’s bouquet is perhaps the most iconic wedding floral arrangement. Choose lush flowers in beautiful bloom and consider a trailing bouquet or mounded bouquet for maximum impact.

Give your entourage the best arrangements–they deserve it.

2. The bridal party’s flowers.
The bridal party’s bouquets should be a faint echo of the brides. For example, a bride with roses could have a bridal party that has rosebuds, while a bride with a vivid pink bouquet would likely have bridesmaids with paler pink flowers.

Of course, the men should have the best boutonnieres, too.

3. Men’s boutonnieres.
Very few formal occasions on men’s lives require that they wear boutonnieres, so take advantage of a wedding to give them a treat! When looking at flowers for your wedding florists recommend that men’s boutonnieres be darker and more discreet, though a splash of colour is always welcome.

Give much attention to the presidential table. A lot of the photos will be taken from there.

4. Flowers setting the stage.
From the alter centrepiece to the entry way to the trellis, there is always a place for the flowers! Drape flowers everywhere to give the ceremony a lovely effect and to create memories that will live with you for the rest of your lives together.

When you’re looking forward to your wedding, do not forget that flowers are a big part of your day. Think about where you want to see those amazing bursts of colour and the lovely bits of texture, and be willing to consider new and exciting wedding flower arrangements. Whether your wedding is in summer, winter, fall or spring, you can have amazing flowers. This is something that can change the entire look of your wedding day, so give it some thought and some care as you move forward with your plans. Contact for your wedding flowers from Sydney!

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