Forcing Baby to Eat

Forcing Baby to Eat

For the first time, I forced fed Dindin. She had not been eating much for the past week. She doesn’t like to eat. Period. Not even dede. It seems food intake for her is an option, not a need. She does get hungry, but after a few very small bites, she refuses food. But, whe will swallow the food inside her mouth. My problem then is getting the food inside her mouth because as long as it is there, she will swallow it anyway.

I really feel bad forcing food into her mouth. After each time, I would hug her. Actually, she would just whine and then clap her hands because the food is already in her mouth. Then she would swallow it. And then on to the next bite. And then the cycle went on.

My concern is that, she has really lost weight. She is not underweight but in the growth chart, her weight is on the 10th percentile. She is growing taller, but is not gaining weight. I am actually okay with her being lanky, as I have always struggled with weight gain, but for a baby? Wouldn’t that affect her growth and development if she is not taking in enough nutrients and calories? I don’t know what to do anymore. She has multivitamins, Vitamin C supplement and Heraclene. What more could I do for my child?

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