Five Hair Loss Treatment Myths: Busted

Five Hair Loss Treatment Myths: Busted

Hair loss has always been something that has been shrouded in mystery. There have been a number of explanations over the years, but are many of them true? Not really. Old wives tales and crazy theories are becoming more and more prominent. Unfortunately, there is still a lot about hair loss that scientists don’t know, so people tend to cling to whatever beliefs they are told. Here are five hair loss myths that are completely untrue.

It’s Passed Down From Mothers

This is not true. Although the gene is found in the X chromosome, there are a number of factors involved. Having baldness on your mother’s side really doesn’t mean anything when it comes down to it. There are so many factors at play, that you simply cannot say that any one thing causes baldness.


Many people believe that wearing hats or caps puts a strain on the hair and causes it to fall out. This is completely false. The only way that a hat could cause hair loss would be for it pass dirt onto your scalp which turned into an infection, and that’s an issue of hygiene, not just wearing a hat. Do, however, be careful with hats that are very tight on the head. They won’t cause baldness, but they may cause certain parts of your hair to become thinner.


Some believe that trauma can cause hair loss. This is true, but not completely. Trauma, on its own, has no effect on a person’s hair. However, if they were going to lose the hair anyway, it may accelerate the process.


Many believe that hair loss is strictly something that comes with age. But this is not true. It can strike people as young as teenagers. The younger a person begins to lose their hair, the more severe their baldness will be.

Cutting Hair Makes it Grow

Unfortunately, cutting or shaving your hair will do nothing to grow back quicker or thicker. It may seem that way because of the way it seems when it begins to grow back. The hair feels thicker, but it actually isn’t. Short hair always seems thicker than long hair. But after a while you will notice that it has made no difference whatsoever.

Hair loss is something that everybody seems to have an answer for. There are a number of explanations out there. But unfortunately, very few of them have any merit at all. Don’t pay attention to theories that have no logic or science behind them. Some people use these theories and tales to take advantage of people, and you don’t want this to happen to you. Do some serious research into what causes baldness, and you will be better equipped to deal with whatever people tell you. For more information on the causes and treatments of hair loss visit BioTHIK Australia.

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