First Time to Rollover

First Time to Rollover

The date is July 5, 2009. The place, at her Lolo and Lola’s house in Tangub. Her age, 3 months and 24 days old.

Actually, Dindin had been persevering in trying to roll over for the last couple of weeks. And she was able to do so, a few days earlier. But I have never gotten the chance to take a good photo of this new achievement. Not only today.

Below, you may notice that Dindin started on her back, enthusiastically gnawing on her fist. Then she got bored, judging by the looks on her face. She pushed her right fist on the bed together with her right heel.


And here are a series of photos of how she rolled over. I am not sure how I got these stills as my camera is just an Olympus point and shoot digital cam. If it did have a series shooting adjustment, I would not know, as my setting is always on Auto Mode. But well, the fact remains that I was able to and I am happy about it.


And finally, here is Dindin on her stomach and holding her head up high, looking at door. Dindin must be saying, “I believe somebody is coming! Is that Papa?” 😀


One thought on “First Time to Rollover

  1. pepay

    super like! hihi… din2 would enjoy all your blogs when she will learn reading and comprehending na nang…

    i wish we had these technologies in our time! hehe

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