First Time to Pee in the Potty!

First Time to Pee in the Potty!


I am a happy mama! Dindin peed on her potty for the first time today.

Yes, we were having problems potty training Dindin. That is because she never did like sitting on the potty and the sensation of pooping and peeing while sitting down. We know she understands that her pee and poop go into the potty because if you ask her the “accidents” on the floor and where they are supposed to go, she would answer correctly.

We already asked an e-manual from a friend on how to potty train a toddler but the problem is, she did not like sitting on the potty. She would try sitting on the potty and then stand up when she was about to pee or poo. Or she would sit on the potty if she had her diaper on. Imagine that.

One time I was really exasperated with her already that even she was so frustrated with herself. She leaned her head on the bed and shook it like, “tsk. tsk.” I felt so bad for her that after that I put a diaper on her while she was bottle feeding. When she realized what I did, she smiled, as if very happy that I put a diaper on her. She seemed to heave a sigh of relief.

Anyway, tonight, there was another accident but I kinda told her in a loud voice to sit on the potty. She did not continue to poop but she peed! Wow! That was the first time she peed so although her Papa and I had to do a lot of cleaning up, we applauded her and cheered her for the job well done. I showed her after taking her off the potty and after taking a bath how her weewee looks in the potty and she also said “Yey!”

Sigh…tomorrow again. Thank God! All we needed was a first time. All we needed was for her to try peeing on the potty and finding it a nice experience. We are sooo happy and proud of Dindin! 😀

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