First Time Swimmer

First Time Swimmer

Well, Dindin did not really swim. hehe But it was her first time on a big kiddie pool. She is 3 months and 3 weeks old here. So I merely held here and let the cool water drip from her head to her body. I did let her sit on the floor of the pool where she tried to reach for her toys. But primarily, she just watched her cousin Ahya EJ, as he splashed around. I am not sure if Dindin was already understanding what was going on–she was just probably hearing sounds and absorbing colors. She never smiled that time, but seemed to maintain the “furrowed brow” look. hehe

first time swimmer

It is really my dream that Dindin will become a good swimmer someday. Swimming is one of my frustrations, the other one being singing. lol Papa Dennis is a good swimmer. So I really hope that Dindin will come to enjoy the water and learn to swim, if not become very proficient in it. That will be a good bonding activity for both Papa and daughter. 😀

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  1. maricar lo

    this was a memorable vacation in Tangub 🙂 including the colostomy bag change! whew!!!

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