First Time Mom

I first learned I was pregnant on July 28, 2008. I could not forget that because the day before, I sent off Dennis to Cebu for a John Maxwell Leadership Seminar. I was starting to get weird feelings the week before but when he told my husband about it, he kinda brushed it off saying that I always feel weird. I, too, believed him because he was right about referring to many instances in the past. But this time, he was wrong.

When he was already in Cebu, I took out a pregnancy that I bought a few days earlier. It was around 5 am when I had my first pee of the day. I threw the plastic packaging and proceeded with the necessary steps. The voila! Two red lines. I had to get the plastic from the waste can and check the instructions. Two red lines mean that I am pregnant. I did not know what to do. I texted Dennis, greeting him Papa. He did not respond immediately. After a while, I called him up. He said he was roused from his sleep and was trying to decipher if I was just joking.

We both agreed that I was going to have another test to confirm. I could have had the blood HCG testing, but thought that an ultrasound would be best so that we will know how old the baby was. My monthly period is not regular so I would not know how to count.

During ultrasound, I learned that my baby is 5 weeks old. I was definitely pregnant but the fetal pole could not be seen yet.

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