First Time Away from Home

First Time Away from Home

Yesterday night, Papa Dennis left for Singapore to attend a 5-day church growth conference. And today, Dindin has gone to Tangub to be with her Lolo and Lola. I had to do this because work seems to be piling up and I need to do them, especially that I don’t have help taking care of her.

Now, I get a melancholy feeling because I miss my family. I miss both of them, our shared laughter, our family time, our praying together, etc. I know this is temporary and I keep telling myself that, but somehow, I am at a loss with what to do because I am so used to the routine of having Dindin around.

Thankfully, her Lola has good report. She has eaten well for dinner and seems to be enjoying herself, even though she keeps looking for me and they have to divert her attention. And it is funny though that she keeps on signing to them and they can’t understand a thing! hahahaha

So anyway, that is it for now. I will have to gather my wits, focus, and get to work so that this alone time will not be an exercise in futility.

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