First Salon Visit and Getting Nail Art

First Salon Visit and Getting Nail Art

Nail art for Kids

Dindin’s nail art features a white flower on a layer of bright red nail polish.

Last week, I went to the salon and decided to take Dindin with me. It was her first time

While most moms would bring their kids for the first time at the salon for the ceremonial first haircut, I could no longer do that to Dindin because I am the one maintaining her hair and keeping it healthy.

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So I thought of a service that she could have. Then the ladies at the salon suggested nail art.

Needless to say, Dindin was thrilled. She was very behaved all throughout the nail polish was being applied on her until these were dry. She also happily did her hand signs because her fingers looks really attractive with the red nail polish and the floral design. She thoroughly enjoyed her first salon visit.

My mother is worried that Dindin would get used to it. Well, I said I will not be bringing Dindin again there…at least, not in the near future. I just wanted her to see what a salon looks like and what people do there. It was also a mother-daughter bonding time for us. 😀

4 thoughts on “First Salon Visit and Getting Nail Art

  1. Maricar

    haha… NICE! 🙂 and with the new 3D NAIL ART Pen, you wouldn’t have to go… you can both enjoy it at home! ;D

  2. Pepper Tan

    My 6-year old daughter enjoys salon time too :). Have you tried taking Dindin to Club Princess? They offer nail art and artsy hairstyles too 🙂

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