First Children’s Choir Performance

First Children’s Choir Performance

There’s not a lot of words to describe this post. I am just sharing here a couple of videos during Dindin’s first children’s choir performance.

Dindin did sing and but she also did many other things. hehe I apologize, I do not know the titles of the songs. But Dindin has memorized the lyrics after practicing for 30 minutes only. She was able to attend two practice sessions before their performance in church.

We allowed Dindin to join the children’s choir as part of her interaction with other kids. At least during Saturday afternoon, she gets to spend time with other kids as they practice. It is just too bad that we were absent for two Saturdays already because of our cough. But next week, we will join again.

6 thoughts on “First Children’s Choir Performance

  1. Karla

    ay abaw a..di lng sing ang gina himo ni dance pa gid ya?! hehhehe..ka cute! 😀

  2. joy

    interaction and socialization will make kids get rid of inferiority complex 🙂

    nice naman 🙂

  3. The Pepperrific Life

    Dindin’s simply adorable! She has so many talents at her young age. Joining a children’s choir is a good idea. I just might have my daughter join one too…

  4. admin Post author

    @pepper. yeah it’s very nice. super bantay lang kami kay dindin coz as you can see she’s the smallest and the members can sometimes do rough play during practice e. hehe

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