First Beach Holiday

First Beach Holiday

Our Holy Week Escapade was Dindin’s first beach vacation. It was also her first long drive (4 hours) and first ride on a pump boat. In both instances, she had been a happy camper.

Thankfully, we used Ang Kong’s car that had a DVD player so all throughout the trip, Dindin watched hi5 videos while sitting beside a Mama who slept most of the way. LOL She also ate some Marty’s chicharon (her favorite junkfood) during one of our rest stops.

pajero with dvd playerDindin is wearing a terno that Ninoy Pau and Tita Ellen gave her for her second birthday.

When we got to the makeshift port in Sipalay City for the pump boat ride to the Fiesta Cove Resort, it rained. So we waited for awhile inside the car. Thankfully, the rain stopped for a few minutes and it was even a blessing because at least, it was kinda cloudy and it wasn’t so hot when we took the 15 minute ride. We kinda over estimated Dindin so the life vest that we bought was kinda big. But she endured it like wearing a straight jacket.

Barbie floater

Our resort is located in Brgy. Nauhang, Sipalay City, and is not part of the strip of white sand beaches that Sipalay City is famous for. But it is okay because the beach is clean and the place is peaceful and quiet. It is a perfect Holy Week getaway where you can just enjoy nature and have some quiet time with God because the place is not so commercialized, unlike resorts in Boracay.

Our resort is at the farthest end of the island. While most of the accommodations in the neighboring resorts are made of wooden cottages with nipa roofs, ours was something like a structured settlement, is that how you call it? It is like a two-story house with four air-conditioned bedrooms on the second floor. It is like a dream house. The ground floor has the mess hall and the kitchen. It also has a garden where Dindin enjoyed hopping on the concrete path walk and catching bubbles at night. Yes, blowing bubbles was part of our beach activities. We brought along Dindin’s new bubble sword and she loved the many bubbles that it can make!

Dindin likes our room. She first went inside with her Koko who related to us that Dindin said, “It is new.” It was kinda difficult for us to bring her outside whenever she is in the room. She is so comfortable here. Such a homebody. hehe

comfortable accommodations

comfortable accommodations at Fiesta Cove Resort

After a long nap, we went to the beach and played with the sand and Dindin’s sand toys. We brought them along because she likes making shapes in the sand and using her shovel.

Dindin enjoys her colorful sand toys

The next day, we had an early morning swim, at least by our standards. I woke up around 7am and when I went to the shore, I saw that the water was really clear so I hurriedly went back to our room and woke up Dindin. I wanted us to start swimming early because if the sun is so high up in the sky, it is gonna be really hot. At least, by the time we left the water around 10am, we were already satisfied with the time that we spent on the water.

Clears water of Sipalay

As many of you know, Dindin doesn’t like the water much but she is already improving. It just needs some warming up before she gets to enjoy a body of water. I had to hold her most of the time we were on the water. Actually, she never let go of us. So if I swim, her Papa has to carry her and vice versa. That is okay, one step at a time, until she develops a love for swimming. Then we had lunch, took a nap, and went for a walk in the afternoon.

We wanted to check out what the neighboring resorts look like. Thankfully, Dindin was in the mood to walk. She was game, as long as we stopped over and did something, like check out a bamboo seat, pass through different areas, etc.

But when we reached Takatuka Resort and Dive Spot, we had a funny exchange. You see, Takatuka is a colorful resort decorated with odds and ends. Papa was carrying Dindin as we approached the resort and from afar, it looks so attractive colorful. So Dindin exclaimed, “Look, it’s a birthday party.”

Takatuka Resort in Sipalay

So we were like, hahaha, birthday party! Dindin loosened herself from her Papa’s arms, a signal that she wanted to walk. She ran the few meters to Takatuka and when she reached one of the colored stone hedges, she said, “See, it’s a birthday cake!” hahaha She was out to prove to us that we were wrong when we laughed and that indeed there was a birthday party at Takatuka! hahahaha Smart girl! Look at her photo below, she was pointing to me the stone that she referred to as the birthday cake. hahaha

Hay Dindin, you gave us a good laugh! πŸ˜€

After the walk, it was still early and we felt hot already that we decided to go back to swimming again. It was dark when we went back to the hotel.

We had dinner shortly afterward and then we played with bubbles again. Then the next day, we were off to go back to Bacolod. We would have wanted to spend two whole days there but because of the travel time, we had to go back early.

This is my second family time entry because if I wait for next week, this story is going to be too late. πŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “First Beach Holiday

  1. May

    Hahaha. Dindin is so funny! Sipalay is one of the best beach places to go to… wheee, it’s my mom’s hometown! Next time, try Danjugan Island, Cauayan. You can see it off the coastal road. Amazing there. It’s like you own it when you’re there… they got pockets of lagoons, the most amazing corals… best place for R&R!

  2. admin Post author

    i went there when i was single but have not explored the place…yeah, next time :d so many places to see, so little time and budget! LOL

  3. Margaret Lo

    Nice Boots, thanks gid. Din-din is indeed such a smart little girl. Pero daw ka funny sang posisyon ko bla sa pic. :p Btw, please upload the photos sa fb. Hihi… if not ma ask lang ko sa imo ah. thanks πŸ™‚

  4. admin Post author

    ay! hahaha tingala man ko sang comment mo kay i remembered only the pic on the pumpboat. sa room gale ya no? haha sige lang, kay at least comfortable gid kamo na duwa ni dindin hehe as for FB, hmmm, ga upload lang ko bi kung na layout ko na hehe

  5. mommy jes

    wow that place is so ganda!!! lalu ako naiinggit!! i miss the PINAS hehehe mag 2 mos plng ak dito pero dmai ko n namiss! πŸ˜€ nweis nice family time ano? sarap tlga pag summer! see you again next week! Thanks for joining!

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