The time in your life when
your car should be more than
just aesthetics.

perfect family car
In choosing the family car, safety, convenience, and cost are the top considerations.

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When you are younger and earning quite well, one of the first acquisitions you might run after would be car. It gives you the convenience of going anywhere you want plus the image that goes with it. So most of the time, the sassiest car is chosen, partly because of the status it represents.

In my case, I did not really care for a car so I could say that I only decided to buy one when I was already married. Hubby and I shared in buying the car. We had a great many adventures with our Hyundai Getz.

But let’s face it, the Getz is a small car and now with two kids, our youngest daughter at age 3 is already asking us to a buy a “car with more seats.” Phew! She actually means an SUV that could fit us and a few other family members plus luggage, as she notices that she gets squished whenever some people would hitch a ride with us.

It seems that our daughter already knows what she wants in a car– more room. But side from that, what are other qualities that we should look for in getting the perfect family car.


1. Consider how many are you in the family and the ages of your children.
2. Evaluate the car’s safety features.
3. Consider how you will use the car.
4. Make the most of a test drive. Bring the whole gang along!
5. Weigh the pros and cons of the options presented to you.
6. Weigh all the features according to what you can afford.

The bottom line would still be the car you can afford. For our family, we will have to stick to our old car because Papa and Mama cannot afford yet to take out car loan for now.


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