Fashion Model or Ballerina?

Fashion Model or Ballerina?

fashion model copy
So okay this was just taken yesterday.

After giving her a bath, dressing her up, and doing her hair, Dindin went down on the floor and started playing. Then she found this Tupperware container and sat on it. I thought it was cute and so I took out my camera. The photo on the left was her best shot. She was not smiling, but she looked liked a fashion model with a lazy pose. And look at the shoulders! Isn’t she gorgeous? Somebody agree with me or I just might think that it’s a mother thing! haha

In the afternoon, I saw Dindin lifting her legs again like a ballerina. So I hurriedly got my camera and took some shots. But they were’t very nice. So I asked her if she could do it again. She ran to where her table was and got her cow’s ears headband and did this for me. I wonder if the headband had anything to do with this pose, but this is just flawless! Such grace at 17 months! I think this is an exquisite pose!

I think that in a few months’ time we will try sitting in the ballet classes of Ms. Lydia Gaston, as her dance studio is just a couple of buildings away from our home. That way, Dindin will experience ballet first hand.

So what would she be? A fashion model or a ballerina?

8 thoughts on “Fashion Model or Ballerina?

  1. admin Post author

    i dunno where she learned this. she has been doing this for some time now

  2. Dennis

    A lawyer by occupation. Exploring the stars for a vacation. Rocket engineer for a hobby. Ballet for relaxation. Model for fun. Rocker on weekends. Worship leader/drummer on Sundays. Doctor for outreaches on her sabbathical. What else did I miss?

  3. apple

    grabe si nong dennis bah… gin-ubos nya gd tanan… hehehe…

    Cute cute pa gd gro kay Dindin nang if naka ballerina costume xa (basta wala lg ang cow’s ears headband nya)… hehehe

    Dindin is soooooo blessed to have you as parents…

  4. karla

    Awwww!!!!! Love. Love. Love!!!! heheh. Pretty, adorable baby! Bisan ano lng ng a, bsta she will bring glory to God..hehhe..God bless you all!

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