Family Time at the Beach

Family Time at the Beach

family time at Fiesta Cove Resort, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Simply put, I just love the beach. I have always considered myself a beach bum–an islander of sorts. I love the thought of wearing only very simple clothes that are fit for the warm weather, of looking at the undulating sea, of burying my feet in the sand, of eating grilled seafood with my hand, of reading a good book while hanging on hammock, of frolicking on the beach, and of having a happy hour early and of retiring for the night early so that I can have an early morning swim at the beach the next day. This is utter summertime fun for me!

That is bliss for me. But of course, we all know that those who live this everyday are those who live off their trust funds or retirement benefits. LOL The working class and the working age can only do this from time to time.

But since I got married, I have not gone to the beach. We have had many other things to do that we had not really had a beach holiday. This time, we had a two-night vacation at the Fiesta Cove Resort in Langub, Sipalay City. Sipalay is know for its white sand beaches, but in this area where we went, the coast has black sand, but still very clean. And the place is very quiet.

So I am just sharing with you a couple of pictures of our family that we spend on the beach. We had great bonding moments here because Papa and Mama did not have laptops and so all the attention was showered on Dindin. LOL So of course, the child enjoyed every bit. Hope we can do this again soon!

7 thoughts on “Family Time at the Beach

  1. pepay

    ahay nang….precious summer time 😀 kamo lang na 3?? nice… nami ang beach nang? amu gid na gina look forward ko mag puli ko… summer isn’t summer without beach for me…hehehe…. nami lang gid pahangin sa higad baybay…heheh…and i miss wearing summer clothes! shirt and shorts! ga shorts ko d tuud pero ga warmers ko…hehehe… can’t wait for the pix 😀

  2. nuts

    nice getaway for family. im looking forward for a weekend in a resort too before summer ends! dropping by from FAMILY TIME!

  3. mommy jes

    ang ganda ng BEACH love ko dn ang beach though takot ako pag malakas alon pag umuulan 😛
    nweis so nice naman ng bonding nyo..mamimiss ko yang swimming in a beach!!!

  4. chubskulit

    Precious quality time with family!!

    Please come and see our Family Time, have a great week!!

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