Family Bonding at Spa Natura with Angel’s Massage

Family Bonding at Spa Natura with Angel’s Massage

A nice bonding moment with your kids is going to the spa. A massage will also benefit them health-wise. Photos from the internet.

We have seen many commercials incorporating body massage for kids as part of our daily routine. We are encouraged not only to touch and cuddle but also knead our kid’s bodies.

That is because there are many benefits of massage. For one, I read that massage improves their body circulation and their immune system. In another article, I also learned that massage makes their young bones stronger. But the obvious reasons are of course, beating stress and helping them relax especially when they are sick. And it just simply feels soooo good!

Ever since Dindin was a baby, I would massage her after bath time. She has very dry skin so I have to put lotion on her. Whenever I do this, I would incorporate some strokes while applying the lotion. It doesn’t take long because her body is still small so I think I would be done in 5 minutes tops. As she grew older and she could already stand up while getting her dressed, her massage would be done at night before she goes to bed. We try to do it every night or whenever we can.

We did stop doing it for awhile this year because it was hard for me with my growing baby bump. But then she started schooling and one night, she had nightmares and would talk in her sleep. I believe she was so tired at school and also stressed at the new routine. After all, she is already in Kinder 2 at her age. So the following night, I gave her a full body massage. And every night soon after. The nightmare did not recur.

Sadly with the new baby, we just massage her on demand now. Hubby and I are already so tired with lack of sleep. But we still do when she asks for it, even though it is not so thorough anymore.

By the way, I use lotion or any massage oils I have. Dindin likes the ones that are infused with eucalyptus because it makes her breathe better, especially if she has colds.

When she is older, I will bring her to Spa Natura here in Bacolod one afternoon because it would be a great bonding moment for both of us. I also like to get a body massage in order to relax my tired body, so this would be perfect for us. For sure, when we come out, we will both feel relaxed and refreshed. Then we can just unwind at their plush lounge while enjoying complimentary hot or cold drinks. And I will bring the bonding thing further by having snacks together afterwards. 😀

Do try this, too. It would be a fulfilling time for you and your child.

Note: Spa Natura is located at the Second Level, Two Sanparq, San Antonio Park Drive, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City, Philippines. For inquiries and reservations, please call 709-0399 or 441-2495.

60 thoughts on “Family Bonding at Spa Natura with Angel’s Massage

  1. Lelorvina Belandres

    I love giving my family massage. I do this regularly as our bonding moment.

  2. Emilie P. Udasco

    Having a massage with the whole fam at the spa is such a nice way of family bonding… we’ve tried this once before, it was very relaxing. 😉

  3. Pinay Mama

    This is super cool although I really don’t like having a massage because it feels like I am being stressed out more.

    My son and his dad will surely enjoy this spa bonding since they both love the idea of massaging their back. They would ask for it sometimes that I do not know who to massage first. Haha!

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