Family Bam

Family Bam

Okay, there is an explanation to this. Our daughter’s nickname is Dindin, a repetition of her second name Din, which is Chinese for kindness. It is so Filipino to repeat syllables for nicknames. lol And Dindin a little less than half Filipino (because I also have some Chinese blood hehe).

Anyway, in our private moments together, I call her Bambam or Baby Bam or Bay-bam for short. haha I think I derived this from Pebbles and Bammbamm of the Flinstones, which I find very cute. Eventually, I noticed that Dindin associated this nickname with sleeptime at night. She would sometimes say at night when she is already sleepy, “Bambam na,” while lifting her shirt to hold her “pusod.” That’s her preparation for dede time.

Much later on, we would ask her “Who’s Bambam?” Then she would point to me and say “Babam” then point to her Papa and say “Bambam”. It turns out, she thinks we are the family Bam or the Bam family. She refers to us, as:

Papa – Bambam
Mama – Babam
Dindin – Baby Bam

As we assigned a pet name for her , she also assigned a pet name for Papa and Mama. hehe

Am I making sense?

4 thoughts on “Family Bam

  1. pepay

    ara gyapun iya mannerism sa kapyut2 pusod…hihi… Hi Family Bam! haha…

  2. maricar lo

    so when asked What’s her name, ano iya sabat? Shawna Din Bam Lo? ;D hihihi

    kami may ara man:
    Papa – langga
    Mama – pangga
    EJ – plangga
    Meimei – plangging

    kmi guru ya GA-GA family ay?

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