Extensive Vocabulary

Extensive Vocabulary

Dindin’s vocabulary is getting more extensive that I am really getting surprised at the things that she knows.

Last time, she saw a bunch of alugbati and she pointed at it, saying, “cilantro.”

Last Saturday, I worked the whole day and so I left her in the care of my parents. Around noontime, she cried and looked for me so her Lolo tried to divert her attention. She was okay the whole time. But after her Lolo got tired and stopped trying, Dindin asked, “So, where’s Mama?” waaaaaaa She doesn’t forget!

Last night, I was getting irritated at her because she was so demanding. Around two minutes after I would sit on my chair, she would ask for me to do something–get this, get that, more of this, more of that, do this, do that, sit on the potty–the demands were endless! So we had the following conversation.

Lo Sigrid
Mama: (iritar) Din, indi ka gid gusto ma work si mama?
Dindin Lo: No.
Mama: Te kung indi mag work si mama, wala ka na dede. Indi ka na mag dede?
Dindin: No.
Mama: Sure ka?
Dindin: Don’t worry about it.


Sigh…sometimes I wonder if she knows what she’s talking about. But sometimes, I also think that she does because she does not use these terms at other situations. Tsk tsk. haha

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