Exposure Trip to Visit an Eye Doctor

Exposure Trip to Visit an Eye Doctor

RC Young Optical

Dindin at the RC Young Optical.

As part of her exposure trips, I brought Dindin along when I had my eyes checked. We went to the clinic of Dr. Rodel Young of RC Young Optical Clinic. Doc Rodel is familiar to me because he was the classmate of my husband in their elementary and high school years.

Anyway, after my check up and it was learned that I may not need new eyeglasses, it was Dindin’s turn to sit on the doctor’s chair. Tito Doc was very calm and gentle that she felt at ease. He instructed Dindin about what he would do but she was quite kulit that we did not really get any good information during the check up. If ever, Tito Doc said that we can come back after six months and have her eyes checked again because my husband’s family has history of eyesight problems.

Dindin had a great time at Doc Rodel’s clinic not only because the good doctor was very patient with her but because his wife and youngest daughter were there. The kids played and Mrs. Young gave Dindin snacks.

It was a very nice experience for my daughter–it was a great way for us to introduce a new thing to her.

Doctors are not to be feared by children. That is why that we have to carefully choose our physicians so that our kids will not be traumatized at an early age. Our next stop…the dentist. 😀

Dr. Rodel C. Young
RC Young Optical Clinic
Door #2 JP 227 B.S. Aquino Drive
Bacolod City * Tel. No. (034) 707-0763


Doc Rodel explains to Dindin what he will do.

2 thoughts on “Exposure Trip to Visit an Eye Doctor

  1. streaming servers

    The dentist is always the hardest for kids I think. When I was young my dentist had huge hands it was never fun to go. I almost think it should be a prerequisite for dentist to have small hands.

  2. Tetcha Figuerres

    It looks like she’s having so much fun at the eye doctor’s clinic. I hope she enjoys her visit to the dentist, too.

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