Exposure Trip to a Cooking Demo

Exposure Trip to a Cooking Demo

Sabrina Artadi

Mama, Dindin, and Ms. Sabrina Artadi of Sabrina’s kitchen. Photos originally published in my cooking blog, Mama Cooks.

From time to time, I take Dindin out on field trips, which we consider exposure trips. These are places or events where Dindin can learn about the real world and see how things are done. She may not completely understand everything that is going on but we feel that her exposure to these things broaden her horizon.

Her recent jaunt was at the cooking demo by Sabrina Artadi of Sabrina’s Kitchen held at the Hospitality Management Building of West Negros University here in Bacolod City.

Dindin was very excited while preparing for this outing. At first, she thought that she was the one giving the demo so she practiced her opening lines: “Bon jou mes amis. Welcome to the cooking show by Chef Dindin!” But then I told her that it wasn’t her show and we were just going to watch Chef Sabrina. Thankfully, she agreed and was still happy to go.

Seated at the back because we were late, Dindin listened intently to Ms. Artadi as she explained the dishes she was preparing. For all I know, I think Dindin was just star struck because the chef is really pretty. There was one point that Ms. Artadi acknowledged her because Dindin actually waved to her! LOL

Since we were a small group, we were allowed to taste the dishes that she prepared and Dindin tasted them all–except for the vegetable salad. She was game with the broccoli, the black rice, the chicken and the beef. She even wanted to try the bar preparations but I told her to skip it because of the alcohol content. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she will be eventually trying out wine kits and becoming a sommelier.

Dindin was just very happy that she was able to attend the cooking show. And I’m glad that she was well-behaved then. ๐Ÿ˜€ I believe that it was a memorable time for her.

kitchen decors

Dindin was especially fascinated with these kitchen decors–frames of plates, cups and saucers hung on the wall.

5 thoughts on “Exposure Trip to a Cooking Demo

  1. streaming servers

    That is great that you guys are able to get out there and do fun stuff. How cute was she when she thought it was her show. that is adorable.

  2. rj's mama

    Miss Friendship pala si Dindin ๐Ÿ™‚ Learning shouldn’t be confined in the four corners of the house or the classroom, kids learn more when they are directly exposed to the “real thing” and they enjoy it more actually ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mauie

    Your daughter could be a charming chef, you know. Businesswoman na, chef pa!

  4. Pepper Tan

    Dindin has the makings of a future chef- a fashionable one at that! :). It’s good that you take her out on trips like these…

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