Expo Mom 2016 Bacolod by Mommy Mundo

Expo Mom 2016 Bacolod by Mommy Mundo

Expo Mom 2016 Bacolod by Mommy Mundo

Expo Mom 2016 Bacolod is an
excuse for a day off for Bacolod moms.

Mommy Mundo mommy bloggers

With Mommy Janice Villanueva of Mommy Mundo (middle) and Mommy Dhadha Garcia of twenteenmom.com. Photo by Dhadha Garcia.

Many women have chosen to stay at home or work from home when they became moms. That way, they can personally take care of their kids during the critical growing up years. While it seems nice, noble, and practical, staying at home means a lot of sacrifice on the mom’s part. They give up careers, dreams, looking good, shopping, and many other luxuries so that they can put their children’s needs above theirs.

So when an event is organized by a mommy for the mommies, it is something that you should not miss.

Last June 25, I was invited with fellow mommy blogger Dhadha Garcia to cover the Expo Mom 2016 event at the District North Point. It was organized by Mommy Mundo and we were so pleased that we attended. I am very busy mom, actually I had three events to cover that day. But I chose to make time for Expo Mom 2016 because I know that it is one catered for me. And I didn’t regret the decision. 😀 On a side note, though my schedule is pretty hectic, I always find time to do my online shopping at ZALORA. This is where I keep my head sane whenever I need to choose an outfit for an upcoming important event and I’m on the path of the proverbial “I have nothing to wear” dilemma. If you haven’t yet, try clothes shopping with Zalora, mommies! 😀

Belo Baby

One of the sponsors of the event is Belo Baby–makers of natural products for babies

Footsie Toesie

Comfy Footsie Toesie shoes, an online shoe seller based in Bacolod.

Inside the activity area of the mall, exhibitors selling baby and mommy stuff surrounded the place. They also set up a stage for different speakers and activities for the registered moms. They had a talk show featuring three Bacolod-based moms on the joys and travails of parenting and how they are coping with them. The moms were in different stages, with kids of different ages and it was refreshing to listen to their insights as well as their funny stories about dealing with their youngsters. We also enjoyed the fun and games!

Caltrate Plus

I especially like the booth of Caltrate Plus because they had a free bone scan. Thankfully, my calcium levels are normal. Phew!

Expo Mom

Babyzone is one of the exhibitors at the event.

Expo Mom is now on its 9th yaer. It remains faithful to its vision of being the source of parenting trends and information, the wellspring of modern mommy products and services, and the launch pad for exciting new campaigns, inspiring movements, as well as groundbreaking ideas. Becasue of its continued innovation, itt’s no wonder then that it is the longest running mommy event in the country, consistently bringing the biggest gathering of moms year after year. And this year, we are so happy to welcome the Mommy Mundo group here in Bacolod headed by Mommy Janice Crisostomo Villanueva–the brains and heart of the event.

Expo Mom

Mommy Mundo Expo Mom had a mini talk show with three Bacolod moms as guests, from right: Tippi Tan Vargas, Sara Torre, and Weng Berba Salde. The show was hosted by Iel Bardeñas.



Kids Yoga

Michelle Uy of Kids Yoga Bacolod had a demonstration. Her studio is located at the Art District, Mandalagan, Bacolod.

Crem Shawarma

Manang Crem of Crem Shawarma demonstrated baon ideas.

Background About Expo Mom

Expo Mom was first launched in 2008 with the vision of becoming the ultimate trade expo of mom and baby products in Manila. It proved to be more than just a mere shopping event. It featured interactive exhibits and onstage activities that gave life to the essence of modern motherhood. 

In 2009, it celebrated a mother’s multi-faceted life by staging another event with the theme, Expo Mom 2009: A Day in the Life of a Mom. Visitors were not only treated to a series of enlightening talks and workshops, they also took home the Expo Mom Daily Planner Pad to put order to their hectic days.

The following year, Expo Mom recognized the growing “mompreneur” movement in the country by running with the theme,The Mompreneur Market. As word of the valuable knowledge and practical finds to be found in Expo Mom grew in the mom community, mothers from other parts of the country asked when they’ll get to experience this exhilarating event. So in 2011, Expo Mom went nationwide, taking the leap to Davao and Cebu after its stint in Manila.

Expo Mom then shifted gears as it attempted to explore the mommy mindset. In 2012, it showcased the best of modern motherhood as it paid tribute to the hands-on mom, tech mom, fit mom, Earth-loving mom, babywearing mom, breastfeeding mom, belly blessed mom, and the mompreneur. In 2013, Expo Mom recognized what everyone knew in their hearts to be true, Momtuition and in 2014, it affirmed the awesome things that moms do every single day with its theme, “You The Mom!”

Last year, Expo Mom gave birth to another groundbreaking initiative when it facilitated an online workshop that encouraged moms to formulate their mission in life. Expo Mom’s Mom Manifesto campaign was like a breath of fresh air for moms who were caught up in the busyness of their everyday lives. The initiative encouraged moms to live more meaningfully by living mindfully.

For more information, visit www.mommymundo.com/expomom2016

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