Erratic Eating Behavior

Afternoon snacks
After waking from her nap one afternoon, Dindin had snacks of Knick Knacks biscuit sticks with dip and Dutch Mill yoghurt drink.

Dindin’s appetite and eating behavior is very erratic. But the most common occurrence is that she does not eat much at all. There are times however when she would eat something that is more than her regular share.

She prefers play over eating and will present many reasons why she will stop eating.
1. When she has to spit out a part that she can’t swallow.
2. When I give her food and there is still something inside her mouth.
3. When it is too wet.
4. When it is too dry.
5. When it is too cold.
6. When it is too hot.
7. When it is too salty.
8. When it is too sweet.
9. When on the first bite she choked…and so many other things.

But in these two instances where I took photos, I dunno, she just kinda fancied eating. haha

fried chicken
When Dindin went to the kitchen, the cook was frying chicken. She felt hungry and asked for food so the helper propped her on the counter and fed her.

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